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Friday, 2 November 2012

This Site's Mission . . .


On October 6, 2012 we celebrated the World Ostomy Day. What this celebration means sounds strange to many of us. Many may not be even aware that they maybe already afflicted with the disease, which is the fourth leading cancer in our country: Colorectal Cancer!

People with such ailment are generally called “Ostomates” or those with colostomy bags on their body. We have limited information how to prevent and manage it, including survivor’s experience. Some of the known Filipinos with colon cancer is Joey Albert, while President Cory Aquino and Rio Diaz already died from the illness.

This year's celebration's aim, with its theme: "Let's be heard", is to improve the rehabilitation of Ostomates worldwide by bringing to the attention of the general public the needs and aspirations of the Ostomates. This year's celebration brought about a new challenge to the new found partners of the Ostomy Association of the Philippines and the cancer survivors to carry on the advocacy of OAP in the cyber space as one of  their mission, i.e., to lessen if not totally eradicate incidence of caner ailment in our country; to advocate for its early detection; to mitigate its effect to the victims and and their immediate family;  to help Colorectal Cancer survivors to adjust to normal life; and, to support survivors in whatever activities to address their needs.  Consequently, this social media site of the Ostomy Association of the Philippines was conceptualized, designed and developed for all the Filipino Colorectal Cancer survivors WORLDWIDE.  This is a project in the making  as we progresses in the hope of transferring technology to the OAP to institutionalize its advocacy through the cyber media.

The aim of the creator of this site is to help Filipino Ostomates worldwide to organize themselves though the cyber media, help them in promoting their advocacy, including nationalist agenda and to promote Filipino products and services worldwide.  May God be with Us. 

  (Acknowledgment: inset picture of President Corazon C. Aquino complimen of Google images.)

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